Straight Up Roasters Barista Basics Masterclass is designed for the coffee enthusiasts wanting to start or progress their skills and knowledge of espresso extraction and milk texturing.

This masterclass is set out over a two day period and each training session being three hours with a theoretical and a practical component.

Over these two days you will gain the technical skills required to produce a balanced espresso extraction and you will learn and understand the simple and repeatable techniques for acheiving desirable milk texture and temperature.

The preparation of each coffee beverage will be demonstarted and practised in this class using a range if milks including non-dairy alternatives.

You will gain the knowledge of the workflow of a specialty coffee cafe from the first steps of ‘pulling the shot’ from the grinder all the way through to serving a standard coffee to the customer.

>Theoretical and practical component

>Learn how to indentify a balanced espresso extraction

>Milk texturing knowledge

>Understand workflow of a specialty coffee cafe

>Gain the confidence to acheive employment within the barista industry

***please note this is a 2 day workshop- by purchasing the one ticket above gives access to both days. any queries email***

August 7th
5:00 pm – 7:30 pmĀ 

Straight Up Roasters
10 Sunderland Street
Moonah, TAS 7009