Roastress Coops and Founder Coffee Co. are teaming up to deliver a Kick-Ass Specialty Coffee Roasting Course!

Only 4 spots per course to ensure maximum time and attention can be given to all attendees

This course aims to provide Solid, Foundation Knowledge and Practical, Hands-on Experience in roasting Specialty Coffee for coffee industry professionals and even coffee enthusiasts looking to improve their current skills and knowledge.

Regardless of experience, through the set roasting task, this course is tailored to meet & satisfy all learning needs and skill sets.

The 2 day course will include:

  • Green Bean Evaluation – region/origin, variety, process, screen size, moisture, density
  • Roaster Operations – systems, procedures and protocols
  • Roasting Process – principles of coffee roasting – key events/checkpoints, heat transfer & better understanding roast systems, chemical and physical reactions, RoR, development ratio, profile data analysis, manual profile logging & profile data logging with Cropster
  • Roast Profiles and Degrees of Roast – espresso vs filter vs sample
  • Measuring, Cupping and Interpreting/Analyzing Roast Results

Times for Course:

Saturday: 8.30am – 5.00pm: Green Bean Grading & Analysis; Theory & Practical Roasting Tasks

Sunday: 8.30am – 3.30/4pm: Cupping/Tasting/Analyzing; Practical Roasting

What You Learn

  • Operation of Specialty Coffee roasting machines – Probat BRZ 2-barrel sample roaster & Probat P12
  • Roasting Process and Roast Profiles – how to control a roast in order to achieve optimum cup character for specialty grade, single origin coffees by logging data both manually and with Cropster
  • How to ‘Cup’ and Evaluate roasted coffees and taste roasting qualities, faults and differences between various roast profiles – espresso vs filter vs sample – all using SCA industry standard protocol.

What You Get

  • Equilibrium Master Roasters Certificate of Attendance
  • Practical, hands-on Experience in roasting Specialty Coffee using professional, specialty coffee roasting equipment, green beans and techniques.
  • Foundation Knowledge and expert advice from a Specialty Coffee Roasting Professional
  • All green bean and Industry relevant documents (cupping/roast profile data sheets etc.) are provided on a USB stick
  • You may take home as much of the roasted coffee as you like from the roasting exercises
  • You will be added to a closed Facebook Networking Group where you can continue to stay in touch with fellow attendees post course
  • A Great Learning Environment where, through collaboration and teamwork, you can vastly improve your roasting skills as you work through the roasting & analyzing tasks individually and together!

Saturday 3rd of August

Founder Coffee Co.
281 Albert St
Brunswick, VIC 3056